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Hares Akbar

Systems and Operations Specialist


Hares comes with significant experience ranging from systems, operations, account openings, sales, etc. With over 20+ years supporting and guiding various teams we feel very fortunate to have him focused on supporting our clients and advisors.

Our office knows one thing for certain: if you ask Hares to do something it will not only get done but it will be done correctly. He is extremely precise and hard work is his best friend.

In his free time both he and his wife, Monica (who most of you know), enjoy spending time with their animals, riding motorcycles, playing games, and driving fast cars.

Favorite book – Anything and everything about the mechanics of cars; particularly fast cars

Favorite movie – National Lampoon’s Vacation

Bucket list – Own a McLaren Senna GTR and Ferrari LaFerrari

Favorite destination – Cannon Beach, Oregon